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Self-Confidence / Self-Worth Vulnerability Feeling a Sense of Belonging Intimacy Expressing Yourself Effectively Boundaries Perfectionism / People-Pleasing Indecision / Ambivalence Managing Stress Managing Resources (Time, Money, Energy) Accountability Over-Functioning / Under-Functioning HI, I'M MICHELLE, and if you're looking for someone who can bring presence and provide a structure to help you live, love, and lead more effectively and wholeheartedly I may be of help. After a decade of working as a licensed psychotherapist, becoming a certified coach, and gaining certifications in a number of evidence-based and experiential methodologies I am uniquely qualified to assist people develop towards their goals. Dr. Brené Brown has been one of my biggest influences and as a certified facilitator of The Daring Way™ I'm thrilled to share her contributions on how we can cultivate greater connection and courage. Another way I frequently work with clients is as a PIVOT coach; learn more @lovetopivot. Alongside my professional experience my particular story allows me to be both empathic and direct. As a personal and relationship coach I work with individuals and couples; mostly online and occasionally in-person. If you'd like to learn more or get started working together I invite you to request an appointment for a free 15-minute initial consultation. If you have a specific inquiry I encourage you to use the contact page and reach-out.
Michelle Lorenz, MFT, CDWF, CPC
CA Lic. #MFC47231

“As the director of a residential program where Michelle was part of the clinical staff, and now as the CEO of PIVOT, I've seen firsthand Michelle's skills as a psychotherapist and relationship coach. Highly recommend!”

Lori Jean Glass

“I consulted Michelle in Brené Brown's methodology, The Daring Way™, and was touched by the depth of her practice. Michelle forges a path of compassion and wisdom. She is open to and capable of going the distance with her clients.”

Sarah Phillips, LCSW, CDWF-C

“Michelle is a skilled guide whose care and insight shine through all her offerings. She is deeply versed in Feeding your Demons (FYD), a process that reveals the inherent wisdom hidden within our obstacles and fears. She facilitates transformation!”

Lopön Charlotte Rotterdam, MA
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